It's been a while since I've posted! I have been getting all settled in at my new school with my new roommates, who by the way are FABULOUS!
I am officially a kinesiology major, and am soo ready to start taking classes that are actually associated with my major.
I promise from now on I'll be posting more often. 
So what useful information have I learned so far? It's been brought back to my attention how much I LOVE chiropractic.  It does wonders! I recommend that everybody try at least once.
My chiropractor is amazing, and has given me some great tips. 
I know I've talked a lot about eating habits, mainly about the gluten free diet.  He brought to my attention foods that are inflammatory.  I won't go into them all today.   (Just know that gluten was totally on that list of foods)  However, vegetable oil is a huge one!  I suggest substituting olive oil whenever you would normally use vegetable oil.  It's a bit more pricey, but you'll be feeling a lot better once you've cut it out of your diet. 
I'm also feeling very gung-ho about exercising and especially STRETCHING!
Stretch stretch stretch those muscles my friends!!!
My next post I'll recommend some great easy stretches and food ideas.  
I hope that you have all had a chance to check out the inspiration section.
Gentle hugs!!!

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  1. So you have fabulous roommates. I was a little jealous and then I realized that I have fabulous roommates too! (except for the short, spunky one) jk ;). I like yer blog and I like you.